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Now you can move to Isla as confidently and hassle-free as humanly possible

Whether you want to move to Isla as a snowbird, or as a full-time resident like I am, or even for just a couple of months to experience life in paradise, it can be scary and intimidating to move overseas.  But it doesn't need to be.  Here you will find lots of help and resources to help you throughout the journey of moving to Isla!

I'm Diane Huth, The Runaway Sherpa, and I know what it's like to move overseas

I've lived and worked in Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and Mexico (twice), so I know what's involved in an international move, and how scary and uncertain it may feel.  That's why I created an entire relocation program to help you every step of the way. 

I moved to Isla Mujeres 3 years ago from Texas, and have dedicated myself to developing the tools and resources to help you in your quest to move to paradise.   I wrote an Amazon best-selling book - The GrownUps Guide To Running Away From Home - to chronicle my journey, and to provide a great deal of insight to help you learn if such as life is right for you.  

And I provide a wide range of coaching and relocation assistance programs to help you learn everything you need to know to move as easily as possible, with confidence and clarity throughout the process.  Check them out below.

Future Expat Exploration Tour

Half-day orientation and fact-finding tour by relocation expert with sunset cocktails
$200 per family

Half-day Future Expat Exploration Tour

This can be your first step to really getting to know the insiders' secrets of Isla Mujeres, and gain a bird's eye view of life as an expat in Isla.

  • 3-hour Guided Tour -  Explore all that Isla has to offer as an expat.

  • Relocation Expert - Your host will be Diane Huth, The Runaway Sherpa, and author of The GrownUps Guide To Running Away From Home.

  • Visit or View -  Neighborhoods, landmarks, shopping, medical facilities, beaches and beach clubs, sports facilities, schools, churches, restaurants, and more.

  • ​Learn - Cost of living, rental costs and availability, medical care, immigration, communication, services, safety, community activities, sports, , transportation, and more.

  • ​Ask -   Anything!  Pick my brain for 4 hours to answer any questions you may have or clarify any doubts or concerns.

  • Wrap Up -   Join me for an apartment visit and rooftop cocktails and snacks with a view of the sunset over Cancun to wrap up the day.

Step-by-Step Relocation Training Video Course

$495 lifetime access

Learn To Live In Paradise Video Training

Learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision about moving to Mexico, in a structured step-by-step video course where you can learn at your own speed and research your key questions

  • 12-module course - 12 step-by-step modules with detailed videos, downloads, eBooks, worksheets and more to plan your move to paradise.

  • 1-on-1 coaching - Quick-start video call to learn your needs, provide help and assistance, refer you to needed resources, and answer your questions.

  • Monthly group coaching - Meet others on the journey to move to Isla, ask questions, update progress, share insights, and get support along the way.

  • ​Lifetime Access -  Access course 24 x 7 and come back whenever you want to learn or revisit valuable content.

Step-by-Step Employment Training Video Course

$495 lifetime access

Earn Dollars in Paradise Today Training

The key obstacle most people face is how to make a living in Mexico.  I've created a detailed video training program detailing the 10 key ways you can legally work in Mexico, with dozens of video interviews with friends making a living while living the life of their dreams.

  • 10-module course - 10 step-by-step modules with detailed video interviews, industry profiles, income tax insight, immigration and work permits, more.

  • 10 Ways to Work in Mexico -  There are 10 key ways you can work in Mexico, and I walk you though each of them, from the easiest and least risky, to the most challenging,  with insight, examples, interviews, resources, and more.

  • ​1-on-1 coaching - Quick-start video call to learn your needs, provide help and assistance, refer you to needed resources, and answer your questions.

  • ​Monthly group coaching - Meet others on the journey to move to Isla; ask questions, update progress, share insights, and get support along the way.

  • ​Lifetime Access -  Access course 24 x 7 and come back whenever you want to learn or revisit valuable content.  New interviews added weekly.

7-day 6-night retreat  to learn if life in Isla is right for you

$1,595 - 4 dates per year

Runaway Retreat - Learn to Live Like an Islander

This 7-Day ‘Flip Flops in the Sand’ Immersion That Will Change Your Life Forever - It's a Vacation With a Purpose! You will explore the off-the-beaten-path treasures of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, a tiny sun-kissed island off the coast of Cancun. You will savor fresh caught seafood, slurp icy margaritas while digging your toes into powder white sand, and swim and sun on one of the 9 best beaches of the world – according to Conde Nast - and recently voted the best beach in all of Mexico!  And you will learn how to live like a local on a shoestring budget.  The retreat includes:

  • 7 days 6 nights in paradise - stay in a charming Mexican inn in downtown Isla Mujeres to experience what it feels like to live in paradise

  • All local transportation  - You will be picked up at Cancun International Airport and delivered to the ferry terminal, ferry ticket in hand.  And all local transportation will be provided back to the airport at the end of the retreat.

  • 2 full meals a day - and daily happy hour on the upstairs terrace with complimentary wine, beer, margaritas, sodas, and more.

  • ​Live coaching sessions daily - Learn how to live in paradise, with coaching sessions, guest speakers, local experts, and so much more.

  • ​Daily trips and excursions -  Visit stores, shops, markets,  the Mayan temple  ruins at Punta Sur, the Beading Cooperative, Isla Animals and the Kitty Adoption Center.  Go on a see-through glass boat tour - amazing.  Spend the afternoon at a favorite beach club, and listen to live music on Hidalgo walking street.  Experience all that the island has to give.

Long Term Rental Housing Location and Assistance

$500 location finding fee

Long Term Apartment or House Rental

Long term rental housing is completely different from short term vacation rentals, and it's challenging to find a suitable home  within your budget. But we can help you find the perfect island home!

  • Tell us your needs and wants -  Create a realistic expectation of what kind of housing is available, and define what you want and need.

  • ​Define your budget - Tell us what you can afford to pay, and we will search out long-term rentals to fit your needs.

  • Identify suitable housing - We will post ads in Spanish and network with local property owners to find available housing within your budget.

  • Negotiate a fair rental rate - We will negotiate on your behalf to secure the best rate, confident that we are getting paid only by you and have your best interests at heart.

  • ​Move and connect services - We will help you find an affordable local mover, and help you connect internet, electric, gas, and other services

6 Months of Support

$3,000 per family,  $500 per month for 6 months

6 Months of 1-on-1 Relocation Assistance

We will provide all the above services, plus help you every step of the way, with personalized support throughout  your move.  You'll have a team here in Isla to greet you when you arrive, help you move into housing, set up services, get connected, and much more.

  • Move strategy and planning

  • ​Creating a 

  • Support securing your residency visa from the consulate back home and your residency permit in Mexico

  • Support wrapping up things back home - house, utilities, banking, investments, mail, phone, belongings, and more

  • Assistance with travel, greeting you, and going to temporary housing 

  • Find permanent housing and settling in

  • ​Connect  into the community

  • Ongoing help and support prior to move and 3 months after arrival

Visa and Immigration Help

Fees vary by service

Visa and Immigration Assistance

We will introduce you to Saul Garcia, Immigration Specialist, who helps scores of new Isla residents navigate the immigration system.  He typically charges these rates for his services:

  • Booking your appointment at the consulate back home - $400

  • Setting up your INM appointment and preparing documents - $400

  • Getting your RFC - Federal Tax ID number - $150

  • ​Marriages - $400 fee + expenses

  • Certified ​Translations - $0.10 per word (2 pesos)

  • ​Apostile (certify) documents - cost varies

  • ​Name change on utility bills - $100

  • ​Importation of cars and household goods - cost varies

Buy your island home

No fee referral

Purchase Real Estate Locally

When you are ready to buy your own home, or a piece of income-producing property, we will introduce you to Sean Petty, founder of Everything Isla.

  • Needs analysis - To find your perfect home.

  • ​Budget and expectations - Define your budget and financing needs.

  • ​Identification of properties - Research of every available property on Isla.

  • ​Negotiation with owner - In depth negotiation to close the best deal.

  • ​Processing of all paperwork - Sean will navigate the complex Mexican legal system to ensure all documents are in order, with the help of an attorney, Notario, accountant, and other professionals. 

  • ​Assistance at closing - He will make the process as smooth as possible - given the challenges in Mexico.

Meet Your Move To Isla Relocation Team

This is a team effort, and you can count on our team to help you throughout your move process.

Diane Huth

The Runaway Sherpa

I am your coach and trainer, and your primary contact throughout your relocation. I have prepared all the course content, and will give you your island tour and coaching.  I'm also a career coach, and will help you find a job in paradise!

Paul Doane

Housing & Operations

Paul is a retired Canadian realtor and insurance agent, and can help you find the perfect home. He can help you find expat insurance as well. Paul is also great at dealing with Canadian banks. And he is the head of the local picketball group - so bring your gear!

Rogelio Chuc

Your Isla Concierge

Rogelio "Roger" is an Isla native, and knows everyone and everything!  He will help you find a car, moto, repair shop, hard-to-get item from Cancun, deal with the local government, get house or equipment repairs, find resources, or anything else you need to do or know.  You will want to keep him on speed dial!

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No, I don't want help moving to Isla.  I speak Spanish perfectly, and know everything I need to know.  I will be able to figure out housing, costs, utilities, banking, visas and immigration, apartment leases and deposits, and can find and negotiate a great deal on a rental apartment and buy and register a car or moto without any help.

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