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6 months of personalized services to help you throughout the relocation process.
• Or select any one service that meets your need wherever you are on your journey to paradise.
• Daily access to the team to answer your questions and provide your needed support.
• 24 x 7 access to "Learn To Live In Paradise" online training program, so you can access everything you need to know when and where you need it.
• 24 x 7 access to "Live and WORK in Paradise Today" online training to learn how to find a great new job in paradise.
• Quickstart video call to get to know your goals and needs and answer all your immediate questions
• Your autographed copy of The GrownUps Guide To Running Away From Home, and an eBook copy as well.
• Training and resources so you can quickly learn to live on your own in paradise without ongoing support.
• Your Golden Rolodex of key contacts that will make your life in Isla easier and more pleasant.

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My whole team is available to help you wherever you are in the process of moving to paradise. Select from these more focused service packages to meet your needs:

1. Pre-move Coaching, Mentoring, and Training -  Everything you need to plan your move to Isla, starting as soon as you make your decision.  We will start with a Quick Start video call to learn about your needs and start you on your journey.  You will have access to two signature video courses - Learn To Live In Paradise, and Live and WORK in Paradise Today.  Plus we will be available for calls, messaging as needed to facilitate your move to Isla. $500.

2.  Travel and transfer planning and arrival in paradise - I'll help you plan your trip, know what to bring, schedule your airport transfers, and be at the ferry in Isla to meet you and welcome you to paradise, and transport you and your family to your temporary or permanent home - $500.

3.  Finding your new home - To get the best home at the best price, you need insider's help to spread the word and get lots of leads on good affordable housing. We can help you find your home, negotiate the contract with the landlord, review the rental contract and translate key points into English, and help you finalize rental, deposit, and payment details - $500.

4.  Furnishing and setting up your new home - Need to set up electric, water, cable, internet service? Find a VPN or hot spot for your computer? Find a maid and a mover? Buy furnishings cost-effectively? Make a Costco and Walmart run to get the basics you will need? Get urgent computer or phone repair? Let me and my team help so you get settled in - fast! $500 for 7 months support.

5.  Finding local service providers - Need a doctor, dentist, vet, chiropractor, hair stylist, manicurist, car mechanic, or any other service? Want to buy a car or a moto? Looking for daycare for the kiddos? Need a carpenter or a computer repair tech? We'll provide referral services for up to 7 months to make sure you have access to all the help you need at prices you know are fair.- $500 for 7 months.

6.  Settling in Socially - Want to fit into the fabric of the community - fast and easily? We will make sure you are welcomed into the local expat community, host several meet and greets to help you get to know others, accompany you to a Sister's coffee or wine social, take you to favorite restaurants, beach clubs, special events, and more while introducing you to others, Paul will introduce you to the pickleball community and accompany the guys to a pool winner-take-all tournament on Thursday evening, and show you where to watch the best sports games. We will also help you get involved in one of the meaningful Isla charities to get to know others who are giving back to the local community - $500 for 7 months.

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Need something else? Let me know how I can help make your move to paradise as easy and hassle-free as possible. Book any consultation for up to 1 hour for just $100.

Reach out to me at (210) 601-7852 or email to for a free consultation to discuss your needs, and answer any questions you may have. Let's get you started on your path to paradise.

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