Find Your Long Term Rental Home in Isla  - Within Your Budget

Why do you need help finding a rental home in Isla?

Long term rental housing is completely different from short term vacation rentals, and it's challenging to find a suitable home within your budget. 

 A specific long-term rental may only be available once every few years, so there is no central pool of available rental housing.  And they go fast when they become available at a good price!

That means that few properties are available from the vacation rental services and real estate companies, unless they also list the property for sale.  So they are hard to find, and quite expensive as well.

Rentals through Airbnb and VRBO tend to be targeted at tourists for shorter term rentals, and are more expensive.  And of course a significant percentage of the rental fee must go to the booking company, costing you more.

And many landlords do not speak English, so it's difficult to find and view available rentals. 

But no problem!  We can help you find your perfect island rental home! 

Find your perfect long-term rental home following these 6 steps:

  • Tell us your needs and wants - Create a realistic expectation of what kind of housing is available at what cost, and define what you want and need.
  • ​Define your budget - Tell us what you can afford to pay, and we will search out long-term rentals to fit your needs.
  • Identify suitable housing - We will post ads in Spanish and network with local property owners to find available housing within your budget when you are ready to rent.
  • Negotiate a fair rental rate - We will negotiate on your behalf to secure the best rate, confident that we are getting paid only by you and have your best interests at heart.​  
  • Simple lease agreement - We will provide a simple unofficial bilingual rental agreement to clarify your rights and responsibilities - not a 23-page legal document that is unenforceable and confusing.
  • ​Move and connect services - We will help you find an affordable local mover, and help you connect internet, electric, gas, and other services.

What kind of housing and lifestyle is in your budget?

You can find a rental home in Isla within your budget - whatever it is.  Below is a guideline of what kind of housing and amenities you can expect at different monthly budget levels.

All this is available for a 1-time rental assistance fee of just US $500!

Check out some typical affordable island rentals under $1,000 monthly

Paul's $400 rental in 2020 - now $500

My 2-BR $600 rental - would be $800 today

A 1-BR  1-BA ocean-front rental for $800

Chucho's $500 2-BR 1-BA rental 

A 3rd-floor 1-BR 1-BA apartment for $800

Anna's $700 studio with large kitchen

Here are examples of more upscale properties, possibly going for $2000+ per month if they are available for long term rental

Most upscale or luxury homes are rented as vacation rentals, and are not available for long-term rental on a monthly basis.  That's because the owners, frequently expats,  often set aside time for themselves to live in their homes when visiting Isla, and rent them out during the months or weeks they are gone. If you do find a high-end or luxury monthly rental, it will probably be priced in the range of $2,000 per month or more.

Luxury 1-BR 1-BA home with terrace

Luxury 2-BR condo  at Isla 33 - $2000+

Beautiful eclectic home in Centro

Helpful Rental Information

Making a 1-month Deposit

Most rentals require a 1-month deposit, which will cover damages and utility bills.  Electric is very expensive compared to other Mexican services, and the deposit allows the landlord to identify your electric usage and deduct the cost from the deposit before returning the balance.

Bringing Pets

Some affordable apartments with minimal furnishings will allow you to bring pets, while most beautifully decorated upscale apartments won't.  That is to prevent damage to furnishings, which unfortunately happens often enough that it spoils it for other renters with well-behaved pets.  You may be able to offer an additional pet deposit to persuade the landlord to accept a pet.  Be aware that most large condos prohibit pets in the CCRs and there is no going around those rules.


Generally, water and gas are included in your rent, but electric is not.  Electric is very expensive, and could cost several hundred dollars a month (my highest bill was $250 for 1 month - much less than my home in Texas) so you should use your air conditioning sparingly to avoid big bills.  Electric is billed every 2 months, with the paper statement delivered to your front gate or door, and must be paid within 5 days of receipt.  You can go to the electric company and ask for a "corte" or meter reading when you take possession of your home, and when you depart, to help establish the amount you owe for electric usage, which will be deducted from your deposit.

Internet Service

There are several good internet service providers on Isla, and internet may already be provided by your landlord - ask upon rental.  You can request quotes and make sure they cover your neighborhood.  Reliable companies include Digitcenter, TelMex, and Kallme.  Some expats choose to have 2 different services for redundancy if uninterrupted service is absolutely essential for business reasons that allow zero down time. Verify the internet speed, and discuss upload and download speed needs with your provider to secure the right service level. If you will be doing lots of online work or video calling, make sure you ask for synchronous service - the same upload and download speed to support zoom calls.

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