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Isla Expat Exploration Tour

Spend half a day gaining a lifetime of insight and experience to jumpstart your move to Isla

At the end of your half-day Isla Expat Exploration Tour, you will be well on your way to starting your journey to move to paradise.  Here's what all you will see and learn:

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Detailed Briefing By Diane Huth, The Runaway Sherpa and Mexico Relocation Expert

I will be your host and guide for the day, and will provide you with priceless information, insight, and perspective.

  • I Wrote the Book on Moving to Isla! - You will receive your own signed copy with the tour, 1 per family or group.
  • ​Your Isla Relocation Expert - I'm known on the island as the go-to source for reliable information for just about any question or doubt you may have.
  • I Speak Fluent Spanish - This allows access to hard-to-get information.
  • ​International Perspective - I've lived and worked in the US, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and Mexico, and provide a comprehensive expat perspective.

Orientation & Maps

Detailed Orientation and Maps

Gain a solid grounding on the geography, traffic, and features of Isla in just a few short hours.

  • Birds Eye View - See Isla like you've never seen her before!
  • Learn the Streets and Traffic Flow - Get a comprehensive orientation.
  • See the Neighborhoods - Explore the different residential neighborhoods to learn which is right for you.

You'll travel in the perfect Isla vehicle - my old Chevy

Explore Isla By Car

We will drive throughout the island, including unpaved back roads, to show you everything you need to see.

  • Explore Off-The-Beaten-Path Neighborhoods - You might otherwise never discover them!
  • ​Let's Talk Transportation Options - Learn pros and cons of cars vs golf carts vs motos - and more!
  • It's The Perfect Isla Vehicle - I recommend an old used car that will run reliably with few electronics - so you won't care if the garbage truck knocks off the side mirror at night.  Plus I'll share the secrets of how to buy a quality used vehicle for a low price!

Explore the Colonias

Get to Know the Residential Neighborhoods

Isla has many different residential neighborhoods - and most expats live outside the hustle and bustle of Centro.  Find out why!

  • Learn the Different Colonias - With this overview, you will understand each different neighborhood, its appeal, pros and cons.
  • Understand the Housing Options - Each neighborhood offers different types and pricing of housing - explore the options.
  • Learn About Local Services - Each Colonia is pretty much self-sufficient, with most of the stores and services needed to thrive.  Discover them.

Visit a Wide Range of Local Stores

Explore Shopping Options

Isla offers a wide range of shopping options, ranging from Chedraui to local mom and pops, and specialty stores.

  • Supermarkets - Chedraui, Super Akai, and Donususa are tops.
  • Local Markets - Visit the Mercado Municipal downtown and in El Canotal.
  • Convenience Stores - Get to know OXXO, SIX, and local fruit stands and mom and pops and what you can get there.
  • Specialty Stores - Visit the Arts and Crafts Market downtown, the Beading Cooperative, and learn where to buy all those difficult-to-find items.

Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, and Medical Insurance

Learn About Medical Care Services & Facilities

There are lots of medical care facilities and providers on Isla, and I will help you know what your medical care options are.

  • Hospitals - Check out the Community Hospital, the Amerimed Hospital, and the new Naval Hospital. 
  • Doctors - Learn about key English-speaking doctors who serve the expat community.
  • Holistic Providers - Discover chiropractors, dentists, acupuncture and massage clinics, CRIM for affordable physical therapy, and more.
  • Medical Insurance - Learn about Medicare Advantage plans, local expat insurance options, medevac services, and the government medical services.

Beaches and Beach Clubs

Discover the Best Beaches & Beach Clubs

There are dozens of beaches and beach clubs on Isla, and I will share my favorites and why. 

  • Explore North Beach - Learn about the different ways to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!
  • Private Beach Clubs on the Bay of Cancun - Learn about Kin Ha, Zama, Fun Day Aquatic Park, Castillo de Garrafon, and others.
  • Public Beaches on the Caribbean - Get to know the pet walking beach, the walkway around the cliffs overlooking the ocean, and favorite places to search for and find sea glass!

Sporting Facilities and Fitness Clubs and Classes

Discover Sports & Exercise Facilities

Isla is full of free sporting facilities, and there are lots of gyms and fitness classes available throughout the island.

  • Government Facilities - Isla offers free access to soccer, softball, tennis, basketball, pickleball, and skate boarding facilities - check them out!
  • Fitness Clubs - There are lots of gyms and fitness clubs, with personal trainers and classes throughout the day.
  • Private Exercise Classes  - Explore options for yoga, tai chi, water aerobics, Zumba, kickboxing, CrossFit, dance, and more.
  • Become a Coach - Give back to the community and coach kids or other adults.

Schools and University

Learn About Island Schools

Got kids or grandkids?  Learn about schooling options.

  • Public Schools - Isla has 3 public Kindergartens, 3 Elementary Schools, 1 Middle School, and 1 High School - all taught in Spanish.
  • Private Schools - There are several private academic schools on Isla taught in Spanish, a preschool kids club, and a privately-funded special needs school.  Check them out. 
  • The New University - We anticipate the upcoming opening of The Tourism University of the Caribbean here in Isla, in the beautiful new campus next to the Mundaca Estate.
  • Cancun Private English-language Schools - Explore options in Cancun.
  • ​Explore Online Learning Options - There are several online schools for expats that offer US accreditations - with 1 costing as little as $55 a month!

Churches and Landmarks

Discover Isla's Many Churches and Landmarks

Isla is small, but full of beautiful churches, landmarks, a Mayan temple, murals, and much more.

  • Major Tourist Attractions - The ruins of the Temple of Ixchel at Punta Sur, Dolphin Discovery, Garrafon Park, and other attractions are a must-see!
  • ​Churches - There are 3 beautiful Catholic churches on the island - see them all.  Plus there are churches and temples from various denominations and faiths - you can find yours here.
  • Zocalo, City Hall, and Casa de la Culture - Get to know where government offices and facilities are located - there are lots of fun activities to enjoy.
  • Cemeteries - Visit the ancient downtown cemetery where the pirate Mundaca is buried, and the new one on the way to Punta Sur.

Restaurants, cafes, hole-in-the-wall eateries, food trucks - more than 200!

Learn About Favorite Expat Restaurants

There are more than 200 restaurants, cafes, and tiny eateries on Isla!  Learn some of the favorite top names - and awesome hole-in-the-wall restaurants tucked away on every block!

  • Gourmet Restaurants - Get to know the top gourmet restaurants on Isla - there are so many!  Ask me which chef has 2 Michelin stars!
  • ​Fabulous Restaurants - You can find just about any kind of food here in Isla - from your favorite taco joint to great cuisines from Japan, Asia, the Mediterranean, Israel, Ireland, and the US of course.
  • ​Sports Bars - There are lots of great sports bars with good food and lots of big screen TVs to watch all your favorite sports from back home
  • Small Mom and Pop Eateries - Check out lots of local hot spots and neighborhood cafes and watering holes that fellow expats love.
  • Food Trucks and Street Carts - They serve awesome food - and they are  absolutely safe and hygienic!  Don't worry about the ice or veggies. Go for it!
  • ​Home Delivery - Dozens of islenos provide food for home delivery, and many expats order in food almost every day - delivered by moto to your door!  This is life changing!

Happy Hour Cocktails Overlooking the Bay of Cancun

End the Tour With Rooftop Cocktails and  a  Visit to My Island Home

Wrap up your excursion day with a visit to my home, and enjoy cocktails and happytizers on my rooftop terrace while we discuss anything on your mind

  • Home Visit - See what an affordable Mexican-style home looks like!
  • Cocktails and Happytizers - Watch the sunset while sipping a margarita with a breathtaking view of Cancun - this is life in paradise!
  • Meet My Husband Paul - Get the perspective of a Canadian male expat.  But be careful - he will try to recruit you to play pickle ball in the mornings!
  • ​Wrap Up - We will explore any remaining questions you may have, and suggest next steps to help you on your journey to move to Isla.

All this is just $200 per family!

My car holds 3 guests comfortably, and the price is the same for just 1 person, or a car full!  The more, the merrier!

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